Tree Farm Auburn


If you are looking for a tree farm in the Auburn, WA area to get different kinds of landscape trees and plants for your yard, call NW Tree Farm now. We can help you select plants that are suitable for your home or office landscape.

Our tree nursery offers a variety of landscape plants that will thrive well, even in extreme seasonal weather many Auburn properties experience.

Our tree nursery experts will assist you in selecting plants based on your:

  • Property size
  • Tastes and color preferences
  • Cuurent landscape design
  • Budget

Tree Nursery Auburn


Our tree nursery in the Auburn area offers a huge variety of landscape plants, including annuals and perennials. If you do not have the time or the know-how to plant landscape trees, you can leave the job to us. We offer planting services and you do not need to get your hands dirty at all.

Our tree farm team is highly skilled in removing, wrapping and transporting the landscape trees of your choice to your location. You can hire a tree nursery like us for planting landscape trees.

The different varieties and sizes of tree we offer include:

  • Privacy or screening trees
  • Small or large trees
  • Seasonal and perennial plants

Auburn Landscape Trees


Planting just any landscape trees on your Auburn property may not be the best choice, as you won't have the most attractive or best species for your specific soil or area. You may also not get the shade trees you want!

Since we've been in the tree farm business for years, we know how to:

  • Select the right tree type for your property
  • Identify the correct placement
  • Care for plants of different species

Trees require in-depth knowledge to select the right plant species and the best place for planting. The size, shape and placement of a plant plays a major role in complementing the look of your yard and in serving your desired purpose.

At our tree farm, we carry a large variety of trees including Maple, Fir, Cedar, Mountain Hemlock, Deodar, Dawn Redwood, Leyland Cypress and more.

You can order through our online tree nursery instead of driving out to our tree farm. Simply place your order with our tree nursery and we will deliver your plants or landscape trees to your doorstep. If you require planting, we will be pleased to provide those services, as well.

Choose from a great selection of landscape trees and plants at NW Tree Farm. Call (253) 455-7572 or buy online from our tree nursery and we'll have them delivered to your Auburn address.