Tree Farm Edgewood


The planting of landscape trees is an incredibly beneficial investment in your property. Actually, having trees in the yard also improves your quality of daily living. Strategically placed landscape trees in any Edgewood, WA property add to its beauty, provide privacy, reduce energy usage for indoor comfort, purify the air and provide wildlife habitat.

The problem is that growing trees is not easy and calls for years of patient nurturing. Thankfully, NW Tree Farm has the perfect solution! We run a tree nursery that supplies young and mature trees that can be transplanted on the property of our customers.

With the help of our tree farm near Edgewood, you can start enjoying the benefits of having trees in your yard:

  • Instantly
  • With minimal effort
  • Affordably

Tree Nursery Edgewood


We maintain an extensive selection of landscape trees at our tree nursery. Edgewood home and business properties can choose from among a variety of trees that thrive in the local climatic conditions.

The collection at our tree nursery includes:

  • Alaskan cedar
  • Green Japanese maple
  • Dawn redwood
  • Lodgepole pine

We make sure that all the trees supplied by us are in prime health so that our customers do not encounter any growth problems. Our tree nursery also has a planting service team. We can send our professionals along to make sure that your nursery trees are planted right.

The best thing about shopping with us for the trees and plants for your landscape is that we operate an online tree farm. You can have all the trees that you want to see swaying in your yard without even stepping out of your home or office!

Edgewood Landscape Trees


So, what are you waiting for? Stop stressing about ‘where to buy trees near me’ and start exploring our selection of landscape trees for sale online.

We are sure you will find just the right beautiful and elegant landscape trees for your Edgewood property that you have always wanted. In fact, you do not have to make do with what you find at our tree farm. We can even special order the landscape trees you desire if our tree nursery does not have them in stock.

To ensure a pleasant experience with our tree farm, we have your landscape trees delivered:

  • Efficiently, without any hassle
  • At a convenient time
  • By well-trained professionals

Call NW Tree Farm at (253) 455-7572 to learn more about how to buy online from our tree nursery near Edgewood.