Green Japanese Maple: Great fall color, deciduous tree. Mature height to 25'

Japanese Maple Red: Stunning red foilage turning brighter red in the fall. Mature height to 25'

Dogwood Cornus Kousa: Also called Chinese Dogwood this tree has white flowers. Mature Height to 20'

Smoke Tree: beautiful deciduous specimen tree with airy seed clusters. Mature height to 15'

Incense Cedar: Evergreen with natural formal, symmetrical shape. Good specimen tree or tall screening tree. Height to 20' tall in 10 years, 50' at full maturity.

Cedrus Deodara: Evergreen tree with graceful, arching branches. Beautiful accent or screening tree. Mature height to 50'

Western Red Cedar: Native evergreen with rich green foliage. Accent or screening tree. 20' in 10 years--full maturity 45'+

Emerald Green Arborvitae: Great for screening, evergreen tree with pyramidal shape. Mature height to 15' with 2-3' width.

Excelsa Cedar: evergreen tree great for privacy screening. Mature height to 25-30'.

Leyland Cypress: the fastest growing privacy tree, 2-4' growth per year. Mature height to 60' with width to 25'

Dwarf Mt Hemlock: dwarf high-altitude evergreen. Very slow growth to 15'. Great specimen tree.

Grand Fir Tree: Evergreen with dark green foliage and fragrant needles. Mature height to 50'

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