Tree Farm Lakeland Hills


Looking for a tree farm in the Lakeland Hills, WA area? NW Tree Farm is the right choice for any trees you may want. Whether you need full landscape trees, a Christmas tree, or a tree nursery to answer your questions, we are here to help.

When you visit our tree farm, see lush Emerald Green, Green Japanese Maple, Japanese Maple Red, Alaskan Cedar, Alpine Fir, Alaskan Cedar, Cedrus Deodara, Dawn Redwood, Lodge Pole Pine, Mountain Hemlock, Western Red Cedar, and many more growing in abundance.

As you visit a tree nursery, ask if they require you to provide your own vehicle to transport your trees to your home or business. We do not. When we work together, we will bring your new landscape trees to your location. Call our tree farm for help in planting new landscape trees in your area.

Why buy from us?

  • Online
  • Wide selection to choose from
  • Convenience

Tree Nursery Lakeland Hills


Our tree nursery serving the Lakeland Hills area homes and businesses is dedicated to producing trees of the highest quality. We specialize in quality native trees and shrubs for your use. In the landscape tree business for over 20 years, we are dedicated to providing the exact type of tree you want whether it is an ornamental tree, a tree for privacy, or a beautiful shade tree.

When you visit our tree nursery, you receive:

  • Reliable customer service
  • Expanded inventory
  • Experienced and skilled gardening experts

When you visit us with your gardening questions, our experts will share their knowledge and resources with you to help you find a suitable solution. We request our customers share their ideas with us so that we can offer the right plants and tree nursery for your Lakeland Hills property.

Lakeland Hills Landscape Trees


Choosing trees for your landscaping project can be difficult. Landscape trees on your Lakeland Hills property will be a treat. Not only will they add value to your property, but landscape trees also have added health benefits. A landscape tree is a perfect option for those looking for privacy.

Create a privacy curtain with landscape trees that will add beauty to your property year after year. We specialize in premium grade material, and that means bigger trees and the best selection at our tree nursery!

Advantages of landscape trees:

  • Enhanced aesthetic appeal
  • Environmental cleaners
  • Noise minimizers

To find a great selection of landscape trees at NW Tree Farm near Lakeland Hills, call us at 253-455-7572. You can also buy online from our area tree nursery and have them delivered!