Your local online nursery and direct to you supplier for landscape trees and plants that will add beauty and functionality to your landscaping.

We offer varieties of Emerald Green Arborvitae, Alaskan Cedars, Maples, Mt. Hemlock, Alpine Fir, Leyland Cypress and More.

Beautiful Hydrangea, Heather, Russian Sage, Azalea and Sarcococca for mounds, beds and landscape focal points.

We deliver to most areas in the Puget Sound Region for a fee of $85.00 and provide planting service for an additional cost.

Tree Farm Near Renton

Looking for an online tree farm that:

  • Makes it easy to shop for landscape trees?
  • Delivers right to your doorstep?
  • Offers healthy, pest-free plants?

You’ve come to the right place! NW Tree Farm offers Renton, WA residents and property owners the unique opportunity to buy trees, perennials and shrubs online from a local tree farm. Once we receive your order, we’ll deliver right to your property. If you’d like, we can also plant your new trees or shrubs with expert care. You don’t have to worry about finding our tree farm, trudging through mud and then somehow driving your new trees or plants back to your Renton home. Our online tree farm can also order any plant you want, if you don’t see it on our online shop.

Tree Nursery Near Renton

Nursery trees are perfect for new landscaping, as they are actively growing and are less likely to be traumatized when transplanted. Our tree nursery specializes in evergreens, plants and shrubs that are hardy and pest-free. These Pacific Northwest plants will grow quickly and easily on your home or business property, and can be used for both decorative and privacy purposes. The best part about our tree nursery is that we:

  • Take orders online
  • Hand-pick the best plants for your order
  • Deliver the plants to your door
  • Offer additional planting service if you want

Our Renton customers love how easy the whole process is. If you want evergreens, maples or even redwoods, we’ve got you covered. Let us know if you want something we don’t have; we’ll order it for you and deliver it!

Renton Landscape Trees

Landscape trees are a great way to beautify your property, as well as add value. But many Renton residents love landscape trees for increased privacy, and have even started using Emerald Greens and other evergreens as privacy trees. These serve as a “living fence,” which not only separates your property from your neighbors, but also serves as windbreak. Landscape trees can be selected on the basis of:

  • Fullness
  • Height
  • Species
  • Watering requirements

Not sure which landscape trees to choose? Ask our tree nursery team for help. We’ll find the best tree for your property and deliver it right to your door. We also ensure healthy, pest-free landscape trees so you never have to worry about wasting your money.

Call NW Tree Farm at 253-719-9613 to discuss landscape trees and shrubs. Renton residents can order online and get trees delivered right to their door!

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